About SlingSpector

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    Ensure compliance with regulations

    Ensures compliance with regulations to ensure the highest possible level of safety to help prevent accidents, injuries and litigation

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    Inspection & decommission reminders

    Monthly emails detailing inspections & decommissions overdue, due over the next 3 months, and done over the last month

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    Consistency across an entire organisation

    Ability to create unlimited facilities within an organisation, with unlimited users, unlimited slings and unlimited hoists

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    Guidance videos and information

    Excellent, detailed inspection guidance videos to help support staff training and give confidence to staff who’s responsibility it is to inspect slings

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    Take photos and keep service repair logs

    Keep a neat record of service or repairs for slings and hoists, with the ability to add photos to inspection reports

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    Fast inspections via the App

    The App allows users to conduct inspections on-the-go, for both Apple and Android smartphones

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    Free for people at home

    We offer SlingSpector for free people people being looked after at home (limited to 20 inspections per year)

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    Free for training providers

    SlingSpector if free for training providers, so that students can become familiar with the program

What is SlingSpector?

SlingSpector is a web and app-based software safety program from Arizon Healthcare. Our aim is to provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand way of conducting patient sling inspections and hoist inspections. These inspections are a requirement of the International Standard ISO 10535 Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons – Requirements and test methods, and local regulatory requirements around the world.

Inspections are carried out using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. If there is an accident involving a sling or hoist, the investigating authorities and possibly a court, will ask for the inspection records to be produced. A facility’s insurance company may also request the information and failure to produce the requested information may affect their insurance.

SlingSpector provides an easy way to ensure all inspections are done, recorded and saved, giving facilities and sling users, peace of mind that their equipment is compliant and safe.

To find out more, look at our FAQs page for answers to common questions.

How does SlingSpector work?

A user creates their organisation’s account. This may be the Occupational Health and Safety Manager, Risk Manager, Manual Handling Manager, or other suitable person. Facilities and users can be quickly and easily added. Users can be assigned either Admin or Standard access. Admin access allows the user to create and edit facilities and more new users.

Users create sling or hoist profiles and assign each an ID, which can be any combination of letters and numbers. All slings and hoists should have an ID assigned by the manufacturer, but you can use any unique ID system you like. Your facility may already have some sort of ID system in place. Details such as the manufacturer’s name, sling or hoist design, date of manufacture and date of purchase can be entered. Dates for inspections can be entered, and a photo taken, to make identification at inspection time easier. A decommission or disposal date can also be entered if applicable.

An organisation can assign one email address which receives a monthly report, detailing:

  • Inspections and decommissions overdue
  • Inspections and decommissions due over the next 3 months
  • Inspections and decommissions done over the last month

Inspections can then be conducted via the website portal or the app, by answering the simple on-screen questions. When using the App, photos can be taken at any time during the inspection to show any damage requiring repair. Inspection records can be signed off (both via the app and the website portal) which is a requirement of the Standard.

The App (via your smartphone or tablet) is seen as more of a tool for entering sling profiles and conducting inspections. The website log in, or platform, is where all the detailed information is stored and retrieved.

Inspection records can be printed and emailed, and are all saved and backed up.

Service repairs can be logged, and slings can be marked as having been washed. This is useful when seeing how long a particular sling lasts before deteriorating and needing replacement.

Slings and hoists can be marked as decommissioned to complete their life cycle.

All data is securely stored and is easily retrievable if required following an accident.

Because you can only nominate only one email address to receive the monthly inspection & decommission report, large organisations with various locations may want to consider creating multiple SlingSpector profiles (i.e. buying SlingsSpector multiple times). This way you can more easily get the right report to the right person at each location.

Created by Experts in the Industry

We have excellent, in-depth knowledge and experience with patient lifting slings and hoists, and the need for consistent safety systems across an organisation with multiple sites, and multiple people who conduct inspections.

Social Responsibility and Community Awareness

We offer SlingSpector for free for people being looked after. We do this to help make life a bit easier for people in this situation. We also offer SlingSpector free of charge to training providers such as nursing colleges.

Staying Up to Date

We stay as up-to-date as possible with worldwide patient sling and hoist safety changes and developments, which helps us ensure SlingSpector is current to ensure compliance and peace of mind. SlingSpector allows users to enter their own inspection criteria questions, to ensure inspections are done in accordance with all Standards and regulations and any local or facility requirements. International Standard ISO10535 is the standard for slings and hoists that healthcare facilities around the world use.

How to Get Started

Go to our Get Started page to sign up. Then download the App from the App Store, or Google Play.

Full List of Features

  • Access via:
    • Website portal
    • Free App available via the AppStore and Google Play
  • Ensures compliance with the International Standard ISO 10535
  • Ensures compliance with local regulatory requirements such as the UK’s LOLER 1998 requirements, and Australia’s TGA requirements
  • Clear explanation of the elements of an inspection required by the Standard and local regulatory requirements
  • Simple to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Unlimited sling profiles
  • Unlimited hoist profiles
  • Unlimited users with an organisation
  • Unlimited facilities with an organisation
  • Individual sling and hoist IDs created by the user
    Inspection records can be signed off by the inspector on-screen
  • Print, email and retrieve inspection records
  • Monthly email reports showing
    • Inspections and decommissions overdue
    • Inspections and decommissions done over the past month
    • Inspections and decommissions coming up over the next 3 months
  • Guidance videos showing
    • 6 Monthly Thorough Sling Inspection
    • Sling Inspection Before Use
    • Trolley Hoist Inspection
    • Ceiling Hoist Inspection
  • Consistency in reporting across an entire organisation
  • Take photos of damage and wear & tear
  • Log service repairs
  • Stay up-to-date with regulation changes and updates
  • Devices with a camera can quickly read a barcode attached to the sling or hoist, rather than manually entering the ID number (SlingSpector supplies unique Sling ID Barcode Tags  which can be fitted to any brand of sling, and sticky labels for hoists – see our shop!)
  • Slings can be marked as having been washed, to track the number of washes before deteriorating and requiring replacement
  • Allows for generic user profiles (e.g. inspections@nursinghome.com) where all users use the same profile
  • Allows for staff-specific user profiles
  • Links to local regulatory bodies
  • Robust back up system in case your handheld device is unavailable – written reports can still be performed
  • Data securely stored and easily retrievable
  • Ability to change the sling or hoist ID and retain all previous information
  • Free for nursing colleges, so that new staff employed are already familiar with SlingSpector
  • Excellent value for money
  • Discounted price for people being cared for at home (up to 20 inspections per year)